Zombie Dip

Ingredients:Nut Alergy WarningVegetarian
5 Parsnips, skinned
5 sliced Almonds
1 Tbsp Cream Cheese

Blue Tortilla Chips


  • The Parsnips are going to be fingers. You should make sure that they are skinned. One should be fatter than the others to be the thumb
  • Pick the “nail” side of the Parsnips. Use a parring knife to slice flat pieces off where the nails will be attached.
  • Using a spoon, dab a little bit of Cream Cheese where the nails will go to act as glue.
  • Place the sliced Almond against the Cream Cheese to act as the nail.
  • Place the Guacamole into a serving bowl.
  • In the middle, place the Fingers bottom side down into the bowl forming a hand coming out of the Guacamole.

NOTES: You can use whatever Dip you prefer, however make sure it is thick and can hold up the Carrots. You can accompany your dip with whatever is suitable for the dip. With Guacamole, I suggest blue tortilla chips.

I wish I could say this was an original idea, but really I’ve seen several versions of this, and decided to make my own.

If you cannot find Parsnips, you can use Carrots. I chose Parsnips because of their pale look.

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